6db.org: 3D-Print Your Own Hexagonal Dice Box!

Wouldn't it be cool if anybody could make their own hexagonal dice boxes to store their beloved tabletop gaming dice inside of? Thanks to 3d-printing, this is the future we already live in.

This site provides you with a free 3d-printable hexagonal dice box design suitable for tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons. Under the dice box's lid, which is held on by easily obtainable magnets, you will have access to 7 compartments for storing your dice in. These compartments are arranged in a manner that geometrically maximises their density while not compromising on stylishness or functionality.

dice box printed in wood particle filament
Click the image for a larger version.

The honeycomb pattern makes for a pleasing presentation, but is neatly tucked away under the customisable lid. Change the design files to put your own logo or emblem on top of the lid, 3d printing gives you the power to truly make this hex dice box your own.

The design files are offered free of charge under the very permissive Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license, allowing you to remix, share and sell it, as long as you give attribution to the author in the accompanying LICENSE.txt file, and share it under the same conditions.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Print Settings

On a Tevo Tarantula, the recommended print settings are the following:


Feel free to play around with these to see what works best for your printer and the filament you are printing with.

After Printing

After you print the dice box, you can glue 5mm diameter by 1mm thick disk magnets into the pockets on both the lid and the bottom.

It is recommended that you rough up the side of each magnet facing down into the pocket with some sandpaper, so that the glue has a better chance to form a proper bond. Make sure you have all the polarities of your magnets the right way around before you glue them down though, or else the lid won't go on as they will repel each other!

Why This Site?

The original design was removed from Thingiverse because of a DMCA takedown notice from a company that sells diceboxes. Their notice claimed that they own the structural copyright on the concept of hexagonal dice boxes containing hexagonal pockets. However, to the best of this site administrator's knowledge, this is not copyrightable, and even if it were, an independently created design would not violate copyright in the first place.

The original creator of this design chose not to spend the money and emotional labour required to deal with a DMCA claim, and instead moved on to other ventures. Out of respect for the author's wishes, their name is not listed on this website, but it is contained within the downloadable files as per the license's attribution requirements.

This page aims to be a semi-permanent resource for the hex dice box 3d printing and tabletop gaming community, as US platforms are not able to stand with their users against copyright infringement notice trolling.


If you wish to contact the administrator of this website (who is not the original creator of the design files provided here), then you can do so by e-mailing @.

Feel free to send me photos of your printed results, or your modified designs, if you want them to be exhibited here.

Legal threats made to the administrator in relation to this website and the materials offered through it will be posted onto this website for the sake of transparency and public ridicule.